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The company is a production and sales of civil and commercial facilities with gated products and related professional equipment manufacturers.Has been the pursuit of high quality,technological level,allowing users to enjoy safe,healthy,comfortable life as our consistet goal.Company has been committed gated product development and design,to create and maintain a comfortable living environment,the development of integrated composite structure of the door control products and equipment,the company is constantly enhancing its product strength,to develop a new market space.

Company "SENTE to" products.So that the "blessing to the race" and its excellent functionality and high reliability to get the user's satisfaction,And the company "Seif to"brand prodcuts are the industry to be recognized.

Since its inception,continue to add new production lines to meet demand.Today,the company has become apioneer with the industry,production and seles of residential and commercial facilities with high quality,high technological level of the gate-controlled devices. The company will develop the highest quality and most reliable products and to continue to maintain a leading position in the same industry.

With the highest quality products and best service on the market is "SENTE to"always adhering to the principle.No matter which corner of the world,"Seif to"ensure that consumers are able to feel the five-star enjoyment of life.

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Wenzhou Sente Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Address: No.3, Jingsan South Branch Road, Standard Factory Industrial Zone, Lantian Village, Longwan District, Wenzhou City

Fax: 0577-86915288

Mobile: 13958827773

Contact: Mr. Wang

E-mail: sentehardware@126.com


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